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I am very pleased with excellent service urnxpress provided for my family.

Jane W. - New York
Cast Bronze Urns
Solid cast bronze with the "Risen Christ". Size is 5"x 8"x 6" with 205 cubic in capacity. Eternal image of the Risen Saviour & King. Engraving available
Wood Urn Link
The Providence Cross Maple Urn is a beautiful handmade, single, four sided cross urn. This urns' simple beauty makes it a popular choice. Each side has the Christian Cross engraved within the frame.
White Marble Urns
"Trio" of playing Dolphins at the top of a splash of wave, in full play and "flight". Adult urn measures 11"h x 8"w x 8 1/2"d with the Dolphin Trio crown adding 5 1/2" more to the top. The keepsake bowl measures 3 1/2"h x 5"w x 5"d.
Cloisonne Urns
Beautiful Pink Rose urn with white background. Adult size is 218 cu in capacity, 10"h x 7.5"w. Complete collection - 6 pieces.
Teak Marble Column  urns collection
Teak Marble Column collection
pure natural(carved from a single block of marble) urns are available direct from us at a price unheard of elsewhere! No two are exactly alike so colors will vary slightly.

Larger in size and display, this permanent memorial urn has a base border all around the bottom.Available in Charcoal, Misty Gray, Burgundy, Raspberry Rose, Rose, Cream, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald
$199 and Less -Urn
Depicting an antiqued "long ago" finish, this urn holds 200 cubic in of remains. The size is 6 3/8"x 8 1/2". Unique and individual appearance.
Available in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, 14K Gold, Pewter, Brass, and glass. Chains available for many selections. Call us to order just the right one for you and other family members & friends!
Pet Urns and Keepsakes
Chihuahua - Available as pictured, Black/Tan, Black/White, Brindle, Long coat Black/Tan, Long Coat Golden. Choice of wood (3), sizes (4), & Nameplate inscription - 4 lines. Read "Pet Memories" box for complete description of choices.


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