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Death Care and Funeral Related Links

Got a will
Claim Your FREE Last Will & Testament Right Now! Free legal wills, free last will and testament, and living wills. Free do it yourself wills.

Family Funeral Consulting
Consulting Group
(West St. Paul, MN)

National Aging Information Center
A referral service to link individuals with hospices in their community.

National Cemetery Administration
Cemetery and burial information for veterans.

Eves government introduces bill to improve consumer protection in the bereavement services sector

National Hospice Organization
A referral service to link individuals with hospices in their community.

Administration on Aging
Information provided to help Senior Americans and their families.

Department of Consumer Affairs - California
Information by the Funeral Regulatory Agency of California.

Funeral And Memorial Societies Of America
FAMSA has become the consumer rights watchdog for the funeral industry.

Social Security Administration
Information and links for families and survivors.

Free Online Obituary Listings
Free obituary and memorial listings with unlimited words to contribute your last restpect to the loved ones on around the world.

FTD Flower Funeral

Reciprocal Links

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TripAdvisor.com – over 2,000,000 reviews of travel sites to help families when traveling to a loved ones funeral destination
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Shopping5A.com - A comprehensive directory
MemorialHelper.com - Create your own personalized virtual headquarters for the planning of the memorial service with a professionally-designed web site from MemorialHelper.com.
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