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Angel Urns

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2 Angel Brass Keepsake UrnsSet of two Angel engraved keepsakes. Each one comes with a velvet case. Beautiful hand crafted solid brass keepsake with gorgeous engraved design. Has felt bottom and screw-on top.

Ht: 3.5" width: 2"
CI capacity - 5.

Free standard shipping included. For an extra charge, Overnight or 2-3 day shipping is available upon request.

NOTE - Save now! If you wish to only purchase a single Angel Keepsake Urn, the price is $49.97.
$89.97 for two
$119.97 for three
$149.97 for four
$179.97 for five
$199.97 for six
additional keepsake urn ordered over six (6) at one time and shipped to the same address is only $30.00. Free standard shipping is included in all pricing.

Please make a note on your order form for the exact number of keepsakes you are ordering. Your order will be processed manually after we verify it with you so you'll be charge the correct amount.
Current Price: $89.97
Photo of 2 Angel Brass Keepsake Urns Urn
Angel Adult Size Cremation UrnSolid brass urn beautifully engraved with an Angel. (Brass color urn no longer available - Pewter is readily available) Lightly engraved, it adds a simple touch. It comes with a threaded "screw-on" top lid and felt bottom. The beautiful velvet case comes with the urn.

Also, if engraving is desired, you can check out our category - Urn Engraving Plate.

An exquisite piece for an excellent price! Keepsake is sold separately for $49.97.

Package - Purchase both an Adult size and Keepsake size urn at the same time for only $219.99 and save! Please specify on your order form.

Adult Size - Height: 11" Width: 7.5" CU. Inches: 230
Keepsake - Height: 3 1/2" Width: 2" CU. Inches: 5

Free standard shipping. Overnight or 2-3 day shipping is available for an extra charge. Current Price: $189.97
Photo of Angel Adult Size Cremation Urn Urn
Angelic Forever Loved Urn with Free GiftThis beautiful Urn holds up to 184 cubic inches. It measures 6\\\" x 6\\\" x 11\\\". It opens from the top. Easy to place the cremains inside and seal the top.

Freely designed Angels in a square classic design, made with a pure polystone marble. Made to handle a full size adult remains. NOTE - the color of this urn is not white, but rather an off white.

*NOTE - the lid has just been changed by taking the knob on top, and moving it into a recess within the lid. This improves the urn and makes the top of the lid flat and far easier to place into a niche. Nothing other than this small change for the top handle has been changed.

Free standard (3-7 days) shipping $15. For an extra charge, Overnight or 2-3 day shipping is available.

SPECIAL OFFER We will include a beautiful Angel of Grace angel figurine with the Comfort Cross dish/bowl which can be used as a candle holder,vanity dish or whatever you wish! A $59.99 value, as a free gift with purchase!

Check with us if you wish additional figurines and dish. Current Price: $259.97
Photo of Angelic Forever Loved Urn with Free Gift Urn
Angels Embrace UrnCall us at 1-800-550-1172 for answers to your questions.
This urn features a beautiful pewter angel embracing the urn which is a light grained Off White Polystone Marble and actual gray pewter.

Measures 13\\\" x 9\\\" x 9\\\" - 230 cubic inches.
More than sufficient room to handle an adult set of cremains.
A beautiful urn for a much loved and missed family member.

Other Keepsake Options
Medium - Measures 8 1/2\\\" x 6\\\" x 6 3/4\\\" - 60 cubic inches - $219.97
Small - Measures 5 1/4\\\" x 3 1/2\\\" x 3 1/2\\\" -8 cubic inches.$99.97

Large size with small keepsake - $549.99
Large size with Medium keepsake - $659.99
All three sizes together - Adult,Med, & Small - $759.97

Small code #as45420 and Medium code is #as45320

Please note on your order which ones you are choosing. You will only be charged for what is confirmed with your order.

Standard shipping (3-7 DAYS) $15 for all items. For an extra charge, 2-3 day or overnight is available. Current Price: $499.97
Photo of Angels Embrace Urn Urn
Angels Near Photo UrnThe angel is holding a photo frame on the urn. This is a complete, full size, adult urn with beautiful, pure \"off white\" Polystone Marble. Smooth to the touch - beautiful!

It opens from the top for easy placement of the remains.
Note - the handle on top is now recessed into the lid for easier placement into a niche or any other display.

Special Gift with purchase- a beautiful Angel of Grace figurine and Comfort Cross dish/bowl for a candle holder, keepsakes, etc. This is a $59.99 value just for free with this order!

The caption reads
Forever Loved...
Forever Dear...
Walking with Angels...
Forever Near...
The Photo Frame on the front is 2\" x 1 3/4\" in size.
6.5\"x7\"x 11\" 245 cubic inches.

Standard shipping (3-7 days) is only $15. Faster or overnight delivery is available for additional charges.
Product code for gift is #8369/8900. Current Price: $189.97
Photo of Angels Near Photo Urn Urn

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