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Flag Cases

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Large Veteran Medal Display CaseCALL US NOW FOR QUICK ORDERING! 1-800-550-7262

Medal Display - Dimensions: 26L x 6H x 4 1/2D
Dark Cherry Heirloom finish

NOTE - a SOLID WALNUT version is available for $179.99
plus shipping.

Glass Front
Velcro - Friendly insert to mount medals, ribbons or other
memorabilia to create the display you want.

Ordered by many to compliment the Presidential flag case
that would be mounted on top (see Veteran Flag Box)

Standard shipping (3-5 days) is $25. Overnight rush available for

CALL US NOW FOR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS - 1-800-550-7262 Current Price: $149.99
Photo of Large Veteran Medal Display Case Urn
Veteran Full Size Burial Flag CaseCALL US NOW TO ORDER IMMEDIATELY! 1-800-550-7262

Rich Dark Red Cherry finish or Vintage Oak used for this solid wood case. Gunmetal finished selection also available. Clear glass front displays the Folded American Flag in its Glory

Whether used as a shroud blanket on the casket during the services, or given by the Military to you, the Veterans family, this keepsake has meant so much to so many people.

Opens easily from the back to allow placement of the Flag, Military Emblem and/or Photo. Suitable for hanging on the wall or displaying on a mantelpiece in your living room or lounging den!

(Emblems available for an additional $10 each - available are Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard).

Standard shipping is $15. Overnight rush is $75. Current Price: $99.00
Photo of Veteran Full Size Burial  Flag Case Urn

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