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Urn Vaults

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Plastic Urn Vault with ExtensionSturdy construction with a lid that may be sealed with epoxy to create
protection for any Cremation Urn you will be burying.

Raised dome lid allows urns of many sizes to be placed inside, along
with personal momentos you may wish to leave with the urn.

Also available with an extension, that raises the height of this urn
vault lid an additional 2 inches for a larger urn. Price for just the
extension is $39.99. Complete set with extension is $189.97.

Make sure to make a note on the order form if you want both the vault
and the extension, or just the vault.

Standard Size is 14 1/2\"L x 9\"W x 9\"H. Standard Urn Size Vault

Extended Size is 14 1/2\"L x 9W \"x11\"H. Requires additional cost

Standard shipping $25 (3-5 day)! Overnight or 2-3 day shipping is
available for an extra charge. Current Price: $159.97
Photo of Plastic Urn Vault with Extension Urn

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